March Recap

Hi team! My apologies for being a late for my monthly progress report but I’ve been sick as a dawg. Now that I’m able to breathe through my nose and have a bit more energy I can get on with the show. Journaling my way through March turned out to be much harder that I … More March Recap

January Recap

Written by Morgan Bickenbach-Davies As January ends and February begins I wanted to share a little recap of how the fear of last month went and talk a bit about this month’s fear. The fear for January was going to the gym. As someone who harbors a lot of self-hatred and body consciousness, this was … More January Recap

It’s Been Awhile

Written by Morgan Bickenbach-Davies So, obviously it’s been a long ass time since I posted anything. A lot of updating is in order and there’s no time like the present. Cue the “ripping-off-the-Band-Aid” sound… The reasons for my absence from cyber space can all be traced back to one thing. One dark, pernicious and ever-present … More It’s Been Awhile

Episode 24: Winter Training, Sol Good Protein Bar & New Clothes

This week on the Racing Mindcast we talk about how to optimize your winter/off-season. In Buy it or Bonk, we review the Coconut Cashew flavor of Sol Good Protein Bars from Sunwarrior. Finally, in the Year of Fear, we go describe our fear to conquer this week. Show Notes: Par 1: Winter Training 0:16 How … More Episode 24: Winter Training, Sol Good Protein Bar & New Clothes