Episode 21: Rest Day Philosophy, Nugo Protein Cookie and the Year of Fear

In this episode we go over a bit about the Braveheart Canada approach to rest/recovery and off days. It turns out it’s not a one-size fits all model. In Part 2 we try the new Protein Cookie from Nugo Nutrition. Finally, as usual in Part 3, we go over our fears of the week in the Year of Fear Project.

Show Notes:

Part 1: Recovery Days *Braveheart Canada Style* (1:05)

Part 2: Buy it or Bonk (15:32)

Nugo Dark Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie (15:48)


Part 3: The Year of Fear (19:49)

Chris’s fear of the week (20:30)

Morgan’s fear of the week (21:29)





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