Year of Fear Week 11: Junk Bowls and Meditation

Morgan’s Fear of the Week: #29 Meditate Every Day for a Week and the Belated “Scary” Outfit

This week I tried meditating for 5 minutes every day for the whole week. It was by no means easy but I stuck to it no matter how uncomfortable it got. Some days I counted my breath up to 10 and then restarted and others days I did a walking meditation outside. During the breathing meditations I would count each breath (“1, 2, 3,” etc.) but whenever I would get an interruption from my inner critic voice or my mind simply wandered to the days to-do list or something I would have to start my counting back at 0. I carried on like this for 5 minutes or so before carrying on with the rest of my day. If I was outside doing my walk I would simply resume listening to my podcast once my 5 minutes was up.

Ethyn the trusty meditation mascot 🙂

This was not easy at all as I kept battling the feeling that this was silly/stupid/inauthentic but I just did it anyway (fake it till you make it I suppose).

On another note; yes, I wore my scary outfit this week to make up for a few weeks back. I wore a tight fitting long sleeved black shirt with lace sections in it along with my regular jeans and sneakers. I thought I had a dress or skirt somewhere in my closet but, when I went to pick out my outfit they were MIA. I would have liked to make the outfit slightly more challenging but I was limited to what I had in my closet. Oh well, I will keep trying. I have more fears on my list that have to do with body image so I’m not worried. I will have ample opportunity to challenge my body dysmorphia in due time.

Chris’s Week: Eat a meal for enjoyment

As I said in the podcast, it is hard for me to enjoy a meal. I am always analyzing calories, sugar, macros, micros, whether it is going to cause inflammation, decrease inflammation, whether it is going to make me fat, or lose weight…..It is A LOT of noise and just for food.

A bowlful of enjoyment!

It is hard for me to shut off this noise and just enjoy my meal. I actually cannot really recall the last time I truly enjoyed my food. Even on past challenges like the Tim Horton’s doughnut, thoughts and anxieties soured the taste a bit. This week, therefore, I wanted to sit down and truly enjoy my meal and savor the food.



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