Episode 14: Intuitive eating, Quest’s Beyond Cereal Bars, and SUP

In this episode of the Racing Mindcast, we cover intuitive eating, review Quest Beyond Cereal Bars, and Stand up Paddle Boards
Part 1: Intuitive eating (0:30)
-What is intuitive eating: (1:45)
-No forbidden foods and avoiding moralization of food (2:15)
– Types of hunger and eating by hunger (4:00)
-The fears of being intoned with my body (4:30)
-The flip side of intuitive eating (5:00)
-Who this works for (6:30)
-Problematic assumptions and the reality of it (6:45)
-The human gut biome and intuitive eating (8:40)
-Weight loss and weight gain with intuitive eating
But it or Bonk 13:45
-Quest Beyond Cereal Bars
-Chocolate: 14:42
-Waffles and Syrup 16:00
-Does it cereal? 17:10
Year of Fear: 19:52
-Stand Up Paddle Boarding
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