The “ism” that kills dreams

There are a lot of bad “–ism” out in the world, egotism, nepotism, plagiarism, racism, elitism…the list goes on, but do you know what I think the worst is? It’s the one that kills dreams, destroys progress, and will dismantle your athletic (and even business or personal) career…

Going Beyond the Hashtag: #Enjoythejourney (Part 1)

“Enjoy the Journey” seems to be the mantra of every Instagram “life” coach out there. However, unlike their dubious claims that their essential oils will turn your life around or that their customized IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) plan will help you lose 10 lbs, the need to enjoy the journey is actually a … More Going Beyond the Hashtag: #Enjoythejourney (Part 1)

Episode 8: Raising the BAAR

In this episode of the Racing Mindcast, Chris gives you step by step instructions on how to take your game to the next level and raise the BAAR for yourself and your vision. This is the process that we use without own athletes and coaching clients so I hope you enjoy. iTunes: SoundCloud: Rough Transcript: … More Episode 8: Raising the BAAR

Just The Tip of The Iceberg

by Morgan Bickenbach-Davies In the world of endurance sports, the obsession with eating “perfectly” doesn’t look as abnormal as it might in a crowd of “everyday folks”. The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders estimates that ~30 million Americans (~10% of the population), have a diagnosed eating disorder (e.g. anorexia and bulimia). Unfortunately, … More Just The Tip of The Iceberg

Episode 7: How do you know you have a problem?

In this episode of the Racing Mindcast: Chris delves and elaborates more on the past 7 months and his evolution as an athlete. Stream here: Soundcloud: iTunes: Rough Transcript: Welcome to another edition to the racing mindcast the show that helps athletes slow down the mind so that they can race past their limits. I’m … More Episode 7: How do you know you have a problem?

How to Lose Weight Fast (10 tips for instant results)!

Relax, you are are not going to find seven diet tips that include some MLM product (I learned my lesson from Beachbody–trust me on that one), detox juicing, intermittent fasting, cold therapy hacks, or any other bullsh*t that you can find on the market. Go to some other “coaching” website for that. Nor are you … More How to Lose Weight Fast (10 tips for instant results)!